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About PK Care LLC


Owner, Cyndie Oneha, began care giving with her mother's diagnoses of cancer in 1986. She cared for her until she passed in 1988. Several opportunities to assist and care for other family members arose. Developing a passion, Cyndie decided to acquire her certification with the State of Hawaii as a Nurse Aide in 2008. Thus began her professional journey as a caregiver.

Cyndie began working privately in homes, on occasion in nursing facilities and independent care homes. She soon realized that someone's quality of life would increase exponentially and could really only be achieved - at the level she demanded of herself -when caring for them ONE on ONE.

Astonishing opportunities to care for some amazing people began to happen. As the demand for this service and higher quality of care increased, she began to scrutinize other caregiver's standards. She enlisted the service of those caregivers who had the same high standard of caring for others. The care team expanded as the growing need for care services commence.

Introduced through his eldest son, Colin Kurata, Mr. Paul Kurata had given Cyndie the honor to care for his wife, Eloise, following her diagnosis of cancer. Upon her passing, Paul asked Cyndie to stay on to "water plants and make breakfast" a couple days weekly. Their relationship grew into a mentorship. Mr. Paul Kurata, a distinguished businessman advised Cyndie to create an LLC. Thus, the birth of this company began. The inspiration behind the name stemmed from Cyndie asking Mr. K to use his initials and PK Care, LLC began operation.

The PK Care LLC team continues to grow and provide care. The company was blessed with the honor of caring for Mr. K until his passing. Through the years, we have had many truly honored opportunities to care for many wonderful people. Over the course, we have developed priceless friendships with families of whom we provided care services for.

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